Show How, LLC

The "How" of Show Biz


Imagine having access to choreography for musical theatre 24/7! 

Look no further than CORRIEography, Show How, LLC's online choreography video service. Purchase a package for your school or community theatre and get access to primers/tutorials, sequences broken down by movement and demonstrations for each song. Pay for an entire show or just the songs you need. Organizations in the Fox Cities, Green Bay and Oshkosh can opt for brush-up rehearsals with Corrie in person!

Benefits of CORRIEography

  • Professional-quality storytelling through dance
  • Students learn at their own pace and reinforce rehearsal practice on their own at home
  • Easy navigation to review that hard-to-get step
  • Missing someone from rehearsal? Cast members can catch up on their own outside of rehearsal
  • More cost-effective than hiring a choreographer and provides more flexible access!

Contact us if you'd like to be notified when CORRIEography goes live!